We want our services to be excellent but we know things can go wrong.  If they do we want you to tell us. Most problems can be resolved strightaway simply by talking to the Manager of the service about what concerns you, so if you have a complaint...


Here's what to do...


Step 1


  • Telephone the manager of the service using the number you were given when the service started. OR
  • Call, in person, at the office and speak to the manager about your concerns.

The Manager will look into your problem right away.  We will always try to sort things out quickly, but if this is not possible, we will take no longer than 10 working days to get back to you.  


What if you feel that the problem was not resolved...


Step 2


If you are not happy with our response you can put your concerns in writing to the Senior Manager of the service.


When you write to us we will need to know:

  • Your name, address and telephone number 
  • Information about what went wrong and when and where it happened

The Senior Manager will reply to you as soon as possible, no later than 15 working days after your complaint is recieved.


Step 3


If you are still not happy with our explanation, please contact the Senior Manager of the service who will explain how to make an appeal to the Director.