Our Approach

The work of Bryson Energy highlights the need for a more streamlined approach to combating both fuel poverty and reducing Carbon Emissions in Northern Ireland.  We call this a Whole House Solution

Bryson Energy’s ‘whole house’ approach has been informed by many years experience of developing and implementing fuel poverty initiatives. It is an innovative household focused model with clear and deliverable fuel poverty reduction outcomes.

A successful model will include the following: 

  • Partnership Working
  • Trusted Delivery
  • Targeting
  • One stop shop
  • Information Technology
  • Switching Energy Supplier
  • Paying for Energy - Budgeting/Brokering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Benefit Assessments & Income
  • Debt Management.
  • Energy Efficiency Measures & Costs

We implement this wrap-around approach in all our areas of work and continue to lobby for and develop new initiatives to further promote and implement this model throughout Northern Ireland.