Energy efficiency schools programme

This is an interactive programme delivered to Key Stage 2 pupils (Primary 5 to Primary 7) across Northern Ireland.

The programme encourages awareness of energy use and the environment addressing topics including "What is energy?", "Where does our energy come from?", "Environmental effects", "Renewable Energy" and "Energy Conservation"

The scheme prompts action through informative presentations and activities aligned with the Curriculum.

The Energy Efficiency Schools Programme is in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

2016-17 Key Highlights:

  • 160 schools visited throughout Northern Ireland
  • 5 of the 160 visits made were first time visits to that particular school, showing the ongoing “new” interest we continue to attract from teachers year-on-year.
  • 8,090 pupils availed of the education programme throughout the year.
  • 91% of schools provided feedback to us either by post or to the adviser personally.
  • 100% of schools evaluated said that our service was Good or Excellent
  • 100% of schools evaluated would use the service again
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