Oil Buying Clubs

Oil Buying Club Scheme

The Oil Buying Clubs Scheme, is open to all household tenures; Housing Executive tenants, owner-occupiers, housing association tenants and those who privately rent. It is free to join and members can expect savings between £15 and £30 on their orders.

It is a simple premise; the more people buy oil together the more we can reduce the cost. Each month Bryson Energy will contact all the oil club members to call for oil orders, a household can order as little as 200 litres or as much as 2,250 litres, and when we put all the orders together Bryson Energy will negotiate a better price. Savings are then passed on to oil club members. 

We have set up and manage 27 oil  buying clubs as part of the scheme. Unfortunately the Oil Clubs are now closed to new members. 

For map of oil clubs - please click HERE.

For list of oil clubs - please click HERE.

Since May 2015 we have;

  • Setup and manage 27 Oil Buying Clubs
  • Over 4800 members signed up
  • 5.5 million litres of oil ordered to 13,700 homes
  • Average saving for 500L of over 9% compared to the average Consumer Council prices.

The Oil Buying Club Scheme is currently closed to new members.

For information on how to setup an Oil Club in your local community, please find guidance HERE.

The Oil Buying Club Scheme is in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

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