Bryson Energy staff more ‘switched on’ to their consumer rights

Bryson Energy staff have learned firsthand how to exercise their rights as consumers, thanks to a recent visit by The Consumer Council at their workplace in Enniskillen and Belfast.

During the visit, Bryson Energy staff were informed of their consumer rights, provided with tips on how to shop around and get the best deal, as well as being advised on how to complain effectively.

“Consumers need to be informed of their rights in order to protect themselves when things go wrong,” said Mark Crawford, Senior Energy Policy Officer at The Consumer Council. “Raising awareness of our role and how we can help local consumers is extremely important”.

“Bryson Energy assists consumers on an ongoing basis to become more energy efficient.   Our visit means their staff will be able to better support consumers thanks to their increased understanding of the services The Consumer Council provides, and about the options available to switch to a better energy deal.”

Laurence Arbuckle, Senior Manager for Advice Projects at Bryson Energy, commented: “Bryson Energy would like to thank The Consumer Council for delivering the recent training to our staff, which was very informative and relevant to our ongoing work in providing independent energy advice to householders.” 

“The training is one of a number of activities that the two organisations are carrying out together to assist and support consumers in Northern Ireland."

The Consumer Council’s training programmes take them across Northern Ireland. If you have a group that would benefit from a talk or workshop on consumer-related issues, please get in touch with The Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or email

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