Bryson Launches Emergency Support to 3,000 People


Bryson Charitable Group has announced a £250,000 emergency support package designed to help the most vulnerable individuals during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Bryson Fund’ is initially assisting 3,000 people by providing emotional support, food and finance. It is being delivered by a dedicated team of 25 staff alongside an increasing number of volunteers. At Bryson, we help some of the most marginalised people in society all year round, but COVID-19 has resulted in an increased need for our services.

A particular focus will be placed on emotional support via telephone calls and face-to-face meetings, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. This aims to establish coping mechanisms for families and individuals faced with difficult challenges in the home.

The Bryson Fund

The package is supporting the provision and delivery of food items. Financial support is also being offered to ensure those in greatest need are equipped with household essentials, along with oil, gas, and electricity.

Shane Logan, Chief Executive of Bryson Charitable Group, believes the emergency provision will help people fight back in this "time of critical need."

Bryson exists to serve those in need and in the current crisis, people need more help than ever.

Each year, we help over 30,000 people. The ‘Bryson Fund’ is a direct response to provide further support during the current health crisis.

We are offering help to existing clients, as well as those being identified by our teams on the ground. We are identifying and assessing individuals on a daily basis around the level of assistance required.

The Fund will provide practical and emotional support to enable families and individuals during a time of extreme uncertainty. We are using a significant amount of money and staff to help the fight back in this time of critical need.

Established in 1906, Bryson Charitable Group is one of Ireland's largest charities. We exist to serve those in need.

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