Loanda Retrofit Project

Bryson Energy has been working in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on a pilot project in Newry that will involve retrofitting 5 homes with energy measures.

The project aims to turn the dwellings, into more energy efficient homes through a combination of natural gas heating, renewable technologies, external wall insulation, upgrading the windows and doors, air tightness in order to avoid draughts and potential heat loss paths and ventilation. Additional improvement works will be undertaken to upgrade the dwellings to current standards.

Each house will be retrofitted to varying energy performance (EPC) ratings by using different methods and materials. The target EPC ratings are: EPC C (69-80), Low C (69-74), High C (75-80), Low B (81-85), High B (86+). This work will significantly improve the thermal efficiency and comfort levels of the houses, as well as improving the overall appearance of the terraced row.

Upon completion, the comfort levels and energy usage within each house will be monitored during the winter months following completion, and the cost of the construction work will be analysed. This data will inform Northern Ireland Housing Executive, the regional housing body in Northern Ireland, which of the approaches is the most cost effective and which elements of the work could become part of a widespread strategy to upgrade housing stock.

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