Play Resource Warehouse to merge with Bryson

Two leading local charities, Bryson and Play Resource Warehouse, have announced they are to merge.

The news, which has been welcomed by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, was released jointly by both charities today.

Bryson Chief Executive, Shane Logan, said the merger had the potential to have a dramatic impact on the work of both organisations as there were strong synergies and complementarity between them.

Play Resource Warehouse has been in operation for 38 years and, as one of the largest and most well-used resource centres in the UK and Ireland, benefits more than 300,000 people each year, mostly children and young people.

It plays an important role in the re-purposing of non-toxic waste materials from large manufacturers, shops, offices and warehouses throughout Northern Ireland that are subsequently used in creative activities and educational projects.

He continued,

A core part of Play Resource’s work is focused on increasing young people’s self-esteem, confidence, creative and intellectual abilities as well as raising levels of environmental awareness by re-using non-toxic waste materials in an imaginative and artistic way.  We are very much looking forward to working together to fulfil the potential of so many more of our children, young people and community groups, whilst growing their appreciation of environmental stewardship through the re-purposing of non-toxic waste.

Matt Flenley, Chair of Play Resource described the coming together of the two charities as a perfect fit. The combined strengths would provide Play Resource with a fantastic opportunity to thrive and grow. 

By linking our expertise we will be able to reach and benefit so many more people.  Bryson has a comprehensive infrastructure and strong financial base. It has been doing excellent charitable work for more than a century. I and my fellow Trustees are confident that this new collaboration will pave the way for a dynamic new era for both parties. Our name will remain unchanged and our multitude of loyal members can enjoy business as usual. An exciting future lies ahead, and we look forward to bringing Play Resource’s inspiring work to more and more communities across NI.

Gilly Campbell, Head of Community Arts & Education, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, commented:

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland welcome this merger between Play Resource Warehouse and Bryson.  The merger will ensure greater sustainability and growth for the organisation and most importantly, it will provide more positive impact for its beneficiaries.  We are pleased to see an organisation take such measures to both strengthen its operations and vision, as well as provide enhanced opportunities for its members and the general public.  Well done to all involved.

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