Wood Pellet Boiler Scheme

Case Study 1

Ms N lives alone in a 4 bed detached solid wall property in Co Armagh.  Five years ago her oil heating system broke down.  Ms N was unable to afford the cost of a new heating system and he did not qualify for any grants or schemes available at the time. She is unemployed and receives benefits so was unable to cover the cost of upgrading her oil system.  Ms N uses a solid fuel open fire to heat her main living room with no heat in the kitchen or bedrooms.  She became isolated within her own home, choosing only to live in a few rooms as the others were so cold and damp. 

Ms N had a 26kw Grant Spira Wood Pellet Boiler installed in December 2015, just before Christmas.  She is delighted with the system and said ‘I have had my first warm winter at home in years’.  She finds it easy to budget for fuel and is delighted to have heat throughout her home.  She has a new pride in her home and plans to redecorate her main living area and other rooms as the heating will help the damp issues.

Case Study 2

Mr & Mrs B live in a detached property outside Castlewellan with their two children.  Their home was previously heated by oil fired central heating, however the house was always cold.  The family felt that despite the oil heating continually being on it did not adequately heat their home and they could no longer afford the cost of oil. They often went without heat and wore extra layers in the house.  

During the winter months their daughter could not sleep in her bedroom as it was too cold.  Since the 18kw Warmflow wood pellet unit was installed in October 2015 they have contacted Bryson Energy to let us know that they are delighted with the heat provided by the Warmflow unit and the overall ease of use of the unit.  Their daughter spent this winter sleeping in her own room for the first time since they moved into the home.  They buy their pellets from a local supplier and find the system easy to use and budget for.