Home Safety Services

Home Safety Check and Repair Case Study

Mr C is an 86 year old gentleman who lives alone following the death of his wife last year. Generally his health is good however due to limited mobility he is unable to do the jobs that he would have completed around his home. Mr C was an engineer and very particular about any work completed in his home. The handymen were able to fit an outside handrail to assist Mr C in using his back door step. Bryson was also able to replace a piece of single storey guttering that was leaking and rotting. He had tried to get local workmen out before but had been let down as they had not showed up or said they were too busy over lockdown to come. Mr C also had a Home Safety Check and a range of home helping aid to assist him in the home. Mr C’s son phoned Bryson to thank them for the service.

‘My father has felt very isolated during lockdown as he was shielding and only seeing his immediate family while we dropped food off. He was delighted when Keith came and enjoyed sitting in the garden to watch him work outside, while having a bit of craic – it really lifted his mood. My father was an engineer and used to be able to do all these odd jobs. Unfortunately I am not as handy so this service has been ideal to get these odd jobs done before the winter months. Keith was great, very respectful to my father and chatted through the repairs which made him feel very involved. He was a great worker. It’s much more than just a handyman service - thank you!’


Security Measures Installation Case Study

The lady is over 80 and lives alone; she was the recent victim of a bogus caller in her Fold. Her daughter had contacted the Police and she was referred through to Bryson.

She commented -
'I feel much more content after Vincent’s visit, especially at night. I now know that I shouldn’t have let the man in without asking for ID – I just took his word that he was who he said he was. Vincent really took his time and explained everything to me; he didn’t make me feel foolish for what I did. I won’t be worried about asking callers for ID now. I need to keep myself safe at my age, and if I am not sure I won’t let them in and alert the warden. Vincent repeated things to me as I am a bit forgetful but he has made such a difference to my life. I really feel more positive since meeting him and he just made my day. All the little gifts were very much appreciated and make me feel much safer in my home. The book about movement was great and I have been reading at home – I need to keep myself active at my age. Please pass on my thanks to Caroline the Crime Prevention Officer. Vincent really is a lovely man – he should be put forward for an OBE for the work he does!


Security Measures Installation Case Study

Mrs S is 86 and lives alone in her home. She was the victim of a recent burglary which has left her feeling very shaken and vulnerable. She had discussed with the Crime Prevention Officers of her fear of being in her home alone following the incident. The Home Safety Officer contacted the client and arranged a suitable appointment. They were able to complete a Home Safety Check and leave a number of free additional home helping aids. They were able to replace the door bars which had been damaged and fit additional security measure throughout her home. The lady thanked Vincent for the service and commented how these new locks had given her peace of mind in her home again.


Referral from Affordable Warmth BCC

70 year old man lives alone with a number of respiratory heath conditions. His property is very cluttered and has been referred to Belfast Central Mission who will allocate the householder a key support worker to assist with his hoarding issues. He has no heat as his oil heating system broke over 10 years ago and he uses electric radiators to heat his home. Belfast City Council referred the client through to NIFRS for a Fire Safety Check and also to the Belfast Safer Homes Scheme. Our Handyman visited the property with the aim of assisting the householder to clear the property to allow heating contractors to gain access to radiators to survey and price a new heating installation.

Our handyman spent 3 hours with the householder clearing and moving boxes, equipment and old furniture around the home. A number of items were taken away to the dump in an attempt to clear the area around the radiators to allow the technical heating survey. The householder was very appreciative of the service and this will allow his heating installation to progress. The householder had three hours of work completed for £15. Additional services may be required to ensure that the property is more comfortable for the householder. A Home Safety Check will also be completed after support from Belfast Central Mission.


Home Safety Check and Repair Case Study

The 80year householder attended a Falls Prevention talk and lives alone following the recent death of her husband. Keith completed a HSC and a recent follow up called revealed that they lady was delighted with the touch lamp beside her bed and uses the jar opener, helping hand and grabber daily. Her kitchen larder door had fallen off and her son and tried to fix – he had temporarily put a sheet over it but this was dragging on the floor, catching on the main kitchen door and proving to be a hazard. Keith was able to repair the original door with new latches. The larder was fully operational again and the trip hazard removed.

‘Thank you so much Keith – I didn’t think anyone would have been able to fix that door and all the free equipment was so useful. The service is excellent and Keith has such a lovely way with him.’