Oil Buying Clubs Scheme

Ballinascreen Community Case Study

The Oil Buying Club Scheme has had a very positive impact on the members of Ballinascreen Credit Union and also non-members living in the local area. As a credit union we strive to help our members manage their finances more effectively and to have helped Oil Club members save over £15,000 over 18 oil buys is fantastic.

The Oil Club continues to grow and the majority of new members have been encouraged to join by friends, family or neighbours. When the Oil Club was formed we never expected to have orders totalling almost ½ million litres (488,630l) in our first 18 months, which illustrates just how successful the Club has been and the continued impact it is having on our 270+ Oil Club members.

The publicity the Oil Club has received in local media has been very beneficial in boosting the profile of the club and engaging local residents and ensured a hassle-free ordering process for the 650+ deliveries. 

Customer Case Study

Ms S from Enniskillen rang our Free-phone Advice Line on the 7th December 2016 to become a member of the local area Oil Buying Club. We had just completed our pricing with a preferred Oil Supplier for 38.2p per litre for the Oil Club so I asked her if she needed any oil. She replied that she had just ordered 200 litres the day before and delivery was due in the next hour or so.

When I enquired how much she had paid for her oil order and she told me it was £110.00 (55p per litre). The price we had just agreed for the Oil Club was £76.40 (38.2 p per litre). This was a saving of £33.60, just over 30% cheaper.  She could not believe the difference in price and she indicated that she would definitely order oil through the Oil Buying Club scheme from now on.

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