Our Handyperson Officer collecting food packages from the Belfast Community Hub. These were distributed to vulnerable and shielding householders during the 1st National Lockdown.

Below are some of the key results for our Energy Services from the past year:

Overall we supported 1,574 households across Northern Ireland about energy measures to help reduce household poverty and carbon emissions; and to improve household comfort and wellbeing.

  • In Belfast; we provided 275 home safety assessments and spent 427 hrs carrying out minor repairs works in vulnerable households.
  • In Belfast; we delivered 388.5 hours of assessing homes and fitting security measures to keep them safer.
  • In Belfast; spent 47 hours installing energy efficiency measures as part of the Warm & Well programme.
  • In Belfast; we made 272 ‘follow up calls’ to vulnerable householders across Belfast, signposting and referring them to local services in their area such as Good Morning programmes.
  • In Belfast; during the 1st National Lockdown we spent 324 hours with Belfast Community Hub, distributing food packages and essential household items to vulnerable and shielding householders.
  • In Mid & East Antrim; we provided minor home repair works to 362 vulnerable households.
  • Across NI; we engaged with and supported 334 households as part of the PowerNI Home Visit Service.
  • In partnership with the Department for Communities we continued to support 5 community based pilot Social Supermarket support programme across NI to help mitigate the impacts of Welfare Reform. Through this programme we have assisted over 100 vulnerable households with energy advice and free Oil grants.
  • We continue to service and maintain 65 Wood Pellet boilers (provided free to vulnerable customers) and a Photovoltaic panel on St Georges Church Belfast.


Outcomes and Feedback

Belfast Handyperson Scheme - Home Hazard and Security 

  • 100% satisfied or very satisfied responses – no complaints
  • 95% of respondents noted a good to substantial positive impact on their personal life
  • 100% of respondents noted a good to substantial difference made to the confidence and independence in and around their home.
  • 94% of respondents noted that the service had a good to substantially positive increase in their level of happiness
  • 94% of respondents noted a good to substantial difference made to how safe and secure they feel in their home.

Home with no barrier at side of stairs - fall risk     

These pictures show the before and after re. installation of a guard barrier at the top side of the stairs -  to prevent possible trips / falls down the stairs

This was works carried out at a home in which the stairs had started to split; meaning that the householder could not use the stairs safely. We built the stairs back up again making the 1st floor safely accessible again.