Over the course of the 12-month period to 31st March 2023, the Charity has continued to deliver programme outputs across Northern Ireland in a number of areas:


Skills Based Training

The charity has continued to deliver key training programmes such as Training for Success and Skills for Life and Work; as well as the Apprenticeship NI programmes; as funded by the Department for the Economy. These programmes are of critical importance to the work of the charity in driving education and training for young people, whilst increasing skills base for employment for those at a disadvantage. Key results below:

  • Overall, we had 232 weekly average students enrolled on our various programmes.
  • We increased our retention on our programmes by 11% and our disability support by 4% (from 2021/22).



The charity has continued to deliver key employability programmes including the Step Into Employment; as funded by the Department for the Economy and the European Social Fund. These programmes are of critical importance to the work of the charity in supporting those unemployed back into employment or into further education or training programmes. Key results below:

  • 206 participants enrolled onto our main employment programme
  • 58 of which moved into employment and 68 moved into training/education as a direct result of our work with them.


Energy, Budgeting and Home Safety Advice & Support

Supported over 1000 households across Northern Ireland about energy measures to help reduce household poverty and carbon emissions; and to improve household comfort and wellbeing.

  • In Belfast; 474 home safety assessments were carried out and 804 hrs were spent carrying out minor repairs works in vulnerable households. In addition, 101 hours were spent assessing homes and fitting security measures to keep them safer; and 54 hours were focussed on installing energy efficient measures (inc. draught proofing).
  • In Mid & East Antrim; vulnerable households received 533 hours of minor home repairs & support.
  • In partnership with the Department for Communities we continued to support 5 community-based pilot Social Supermarket support programme across NI to help mitigate the impacts of Welfare Reform. Through this programme we have assisted over 100 vulnerable households with energy advice and emergency cost of living grants.


Adventure Activities

The charity continued its efforts to provide adventure activities to a range of groups, families, and young people through support programmes in line the organisation’s focus on social impact. Overall, we engaged with 2934 people across a range of events and activities and delivered the Duke of Edinburgh award to 335 young people.

The acquisition of the successful Adventure Activities provider - Pathways in February 2023; will provide significant business and customer growth in this work area in the next financial year and into the future.


Creative Arts & Play

Bryson Energy continued to develop this part of the charity in 2 main areas – scrap-store memberships and creative art & play programmes. As a registered charity we collect non-toxic waste materials from industry and redistribute them to members - registered groups, schools and organisations. We also develop a range of creative arts & Play programmes with a range of customer groups on behalf of funding organisations including Belfast City Council and the Arts Council NI (ACNI). Key Results below:

  • We had 8665 visitors to the Scrap-Store
  • 888 members overall – at end March 2023 (27% increase from previous year)
  • We developed and delivered creative arts & play programmes to 178 local community & school groups supporting over 10,000 participants. 


Community Led Root Cause

In Oct 2022; the Group Community Root Cause programmes were restructured to be part of Bryson Energy. This team delivered a range of bespoke Family Support, Training, Employment, Wellbeing and Energy Efficiency initiatives in 5 vulnerable communities, with the overall goal to identifying and removing the root causes and barriers to individual sustainability and growth. Funding was provided by a range of stakeholders. Key Results below:

Overall, the main root cause programmes supported over 2500 households including:

  • Training: 280 with first aid and food hygiene training, family literacy sessions and personal development days.
  • Employment: 646 with employment readiness sessions and CV assistance
  • Energy efficiency: 197 with energy advice, low energy bulbs and keep warm packs.
  • Family Support: 1,288 families through a range of groups and activities.