About Us

We are a registered Social Enterprise; a not-for-profit charitable organisation, a private company limited by guarantee, reporting to a Management Board consisting of Non-Executive Directors and Advisers.

Bryson Energy was originally established in 1995 with a remit to tackle Climate Change and assist with the reduction of energy use and reflect local area energy issues. The major issue for Northern Ireland is that fuel poverty currently affects 42% of Northern Ireland’s households, one of the highest rates in Western Europe. Therefore it is no surprise that Bryson Energy has focused its attention on these two areas of tackling Climate Change and contributing to the alleviation of fuel poverty. Our activities are targeted at Northern Ireland Households as the business sector in Northern Ireland is assisted by InvestNI and EnterpriseNI.

The purpose of the Charity is to make the greatest difference in those in greatest need by alleviating fuel poverty through household Advice and Support, as well as installing measures in homes and such other charitable purposes for the benefit of the public.

Following the internal merger of Bryson Energy with Bryson Lagansports and Bryson Futureskills on 30th September 2019; Bryson Energy expanded its remit to include Skills Based Training, Employability and Adventure Activity programmes. In May 2021, Bryson Energy acquired via an asset transfer Play Resource Warehouse Ltd, a creative arts & play charity whose focus and objects align to those of Bryson Energy. This acquisition brought further opportunity and diversification for the organisation.

Within the 2022/23 financial period, Bryson Energy’s remit was further expanded in Oct 2022 following an internal review which resulted in the Community Root Cause programmes being moved to Bryson Energy. This new area of work involves identifying the personal and household barriers vulnerable customers are facing; and removing these root causes through a range of various community focussed initiatives.

In Feb 2023, Bryson Energy acquired the successful Adventure Activities provider - Pathways; which allowed significant growth in our Adventure Activity, Training and Wellbeing. In Oct 2023, we doubled our staff to 130 when we took over the Family & Children's Services programmes from Bryson Care. 

Bryson Energy aims to make the greatest difference targeted to those in greatest need in the following seven areas:

  • Skills Based Training
  • Employability
  • Net Zero through Energy, Budgeting and Home Safety Advice & Support
  • Creative Arts & Play
  • Adventure Activities
  • Community Led Root Cause
  • Family & Children's Service


Want to help?

If you would like to discuss funding, donating to or working with us to develop new initiatives to help reduce fuel poverty and deliver positive social impact to households across Northern Ireland, please contact us HERE

  • Background

    Bryson Energy started as an Energy Advice provider who then expanded to include various wrap-around support programmes to provide the greatest difference to those householders in greatest need. Click this video to find out more.

  • Skills Based Training

    Training is one of most effective ways to unlock someone's potential. Click this video to find out more.

  • Energy Advice

    We help tackle fuel poverty, to reduce energy costs for householders. Click this video to find out more.

  • Family Services

    We ensure the best start in life for every child through a range of Children and Family Support programmes. Click this video to find out more.

  • Adventure Activities

    Adventure Activities programmes for everyone including team building, water sports, bushcraft, archery, abseiling; as well as bespoke training and qualifications. Click this video to find out more.

  • Climate Change

    Tackling climate change is is one of our key remits. Click this video to find out more.