Awards & Accreditations

Our commitment to excellence is a strategic priority. It is through focusing on the quality and continuous improvement of our organisation and people that we can deliver excellence standards of service to our customers.


We use a range of quality management systems and undergo internal and external assessments to demonstrate and measure the implementation of our commitment to excellent.


Below is a list of current awards and accreditations held by Bryson Energy. 

  • Investors In People

    Investors in People is the standard for excellent people management. The standards define what it takes to lead, support and manage people for sustained success. Bryson Energy, as part of Bryson Charitable Group was reaccredited in 2018.
  • Ireland Excellence Award

    The Awards process is the key stimulator of business excellence for role model organisations in Ireland and on a wider international basis. It uses the EFQM Excellence Model to assess the level of excellence achieved by organisations. The overall winners of awards have developed a mature approach to continuous performance improvement. Bryson Energy, as part of Bryson Charitable Group has been accredited Ireland Excellence Award.
  • Chartered Institute of Housing (NI) Award 2015-16

    Bryson Energy along with NIHE picked up the “More than Bricks & Mortar” title at this year’s Chartered Institute of Housing (NI) award for Oil Buying Club Scheme.
  • Renewable Energy Awards 2015-16

    Bryson Energy came 1st for the Most Successful Renewable Heat Installation (Wood Pellet Boiler Scheme) and 2nd for Best Community Renewable Energy Project (PV on St Georges Church).