Our Approach

The work of Bryson Energy highlights the need for a more streamlined approach to combating household & fuel poverty and reducing Carbon Emissions in Northern Ireland.  We call this a Whole House Wrap Around Support Model.

Bryson Energy’s ‘Whole House’ approach has been informed by many years experience of developing and implementing fuel poverty initiatives. It is an innovative household focused model with clear and deliverable impactful outcomes.

We work in 7 directly different areas - Skills Based Training, Employability, Net Zero & Home Safety Advice, Creative Arts & Play, Adventure Activities, Community Led Root Cause; and Family & Children's Services. When we engage with a householder we work across all these these - bringing all our services, as relevant, to them for the maximum possible impact. For those areas we don't directly work in - we signpost and refer to trusted partners with expertise in these work areas. 


We implement this wrap-around approach in all our areas of work and continue to lobby for and develop new initiatives to further promote and implement this model throughout Northern Ireland.