Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to support and motivate energy users to reduce their costs and greenhouse emissions


We are committed to Energy Proof Northern Ireland’s Homes.


We believe in Building Better Futures through our values; they shape how we act as individuals, in teams and as a group. Our values are…

We believe in Respect

We believe in treating everyone we come into contact with as an individual, with due regard for their feelings and wishes. We listen to and value everyone’s contribution and are non-judgemental.

We believe in Empowering

We believe in developing and encouraging each person that we work with, including our staff and volunteers, to achieve their full potential creating a lasting social impact.

We believe in Collaboration

We believe in teamwork, building partnerships and sharing our knowledge to build better futures for the people we work with and for one another.

We believe in Innovation

We believe in challenging the status quo and shining a light on emerging social issues. We are committed to finding new or improved ways of working, resulting in greater social impact.

We believe in Excellence

We believe in delivering high-quality professional services that are person-centered.